Music Related Tattoos

Music and tattoos, two things that are major parts of my life. I renamed this blog ‘adoseofapril’ because that what I wanted to give you in my blog posts…a dose of me and my life. To my knowledge I can’t recall writing a blog post solely dedicated to and about my music related tattoos but I’m ever so sorry if you have already read one from me.

In today’s post I want to address tattoos but in particular music related tattoos because it’s a subject that deep down I think a lot of people have opinions on whether they choose to express them or not. I want this post to some extent to be a starting point of discussion or just raise some kind of awareness about the subject.

Given that music and tattoos are such major parts of my life, I thought it was only right to share something that merges the two together.


What I think has prompted me to write this blog post was the comments, looks and reaction I’ve received from some people over the years in response to my music related tattoos and to be honest tattoos in general.

When I was 15, a few days before my 16 birthday I decided that would be the day I get my first tattoo. I wanted it to be something that meant a great deal to me and something that i will never grow tired of. I choose to get a star made up of 5 musical notes. I liked the look of stars as a tattoo at the time and music was very much a big part of my life. Fast forward four years and that very tattoo is covered up, although it will forever be there even if no one knows it, I know it’s there. That star I suppose started the collection of music related tattoos I went on to have. It didn’t get a reaction though, most people liked it.


It wasn’t until I got my first few band related tattoos that I started getting comments. People were only seeing my tattoo as a representation of the band that it related to.The frequent comments often included “what if you don’t like the band in a few years?” I on the other hand knew the real reasons behind me getting it because in the end I was the person getting it inked on their body for the rest of their life. The first few band tattoos were to do with Biffy Clyro, a band that if any one knew me knows what a great deal of importance they mean to me. I was getting those tattoos to do with them to signify how far they’ve helped me come, I was depressed and full of anxiety but their music somehow helped me out of that dark hole. Whenever I look at them now, I think of how far I’ve come and how they were part of the reason why. It sounds so very cliche but it’s the truth. On top of that very reason, I picked artwork to do with them that I thought looked awesome and what I would be happy seeing every day for the rest of my life. My opposite tree tattoo a few years on is still insane and will always remain one of my favourite tattoos.


Fast forward to now and I’ve gained a few more music related tattoos that relate to a handful of other bands. I think a common misconception is people get band/music related tattoos on a whim and I’m sure some people do. But when it comes down to my decision on whether to get one it always falls to the question “why?”. To date I’ve got two Twin Atlantic tattoos, one Beartooth tattoo, an Enter Shikari one and finally the BMTH umbrella. All of the tattoos mentioned above relate to a band that have in someway helped shape me to be the person I am now writing this post and it’s all through the power of music.

The two Twin Atlantic tattoos are both lyrics from songs that give me the strength to carry on and brings positive vibes into my life. Just this morning I caught a glimpse of the “music is my therapy” tattoo and for some reason I was filled with happiness and positive vibes.


The Beartooth tattoo for me signifies how a band and their music can see a person through their lowest points in such a short space of time. This was the quickest tattoo turn around I got after liking a band. I decided to get it just a few months after falling in love with them. I’d seen them live a few months before but didn’t like them that much. It just goes to show if you give a band a chance they may end up changing your whole outlook on life.


Two of my smallest band related tattoos are that of Enter Shikari and BMTH. Both of which are some sort of logo relating to the bands. Deep down there is no meaning behind them except I really liked the look of the logos and they’re pretty awesome powerful bands that I respect hugely.


I think my aim with discussing my own personal music related tattoos was to show that there is meaning behind them other than liking a band. Yes some people may get a tattoo just because they like a band and that’s fine. But before you judge or comment on a music related tattoo think about what that person may think about what you have to say. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter because we are all in charge of what we do to our bodies and no one has the right to have a say. But your comment may have been said 100 times to that person and may tip them over the edge about a tattoo that means more to them than just liking a band.

Also getting a music related tattoo is pretty damn awesome when it comes down to it. It’s showing the real power of music and how someone is prepared to walk round for the rest of their life with something the symbolises something music related.

I think I’ve made it pretty clear by now but I love my music related tattoos. Some of mine have deep personal meanings and others are just there because they look cool and I like them. It shouldn’t matter either way. We live in a society now where we can do pretty much anything to our bodies to express ourselves and that’s pretty damn cool if you ask me. And who are some people to comment on whether what we do is right or wrong and if we’re going to regret it or not.  At the end of the day, I’m proud to walk around with beautiful artwork on my body and the fact some of it signifies the power music has is just even more awesome.

Thanks for reading today’s blog post. If you have any opinions to share on this subject please feel free to share with me, I’d to hear your input.

Until next time,

adoseofapril x

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