My Back Tattoo

I’m a massive fan of tattoos, there’s no denying that. I’ve got 19 I think so far and have no plans in stopping any time soon. For a few years I’ve wanted to get my back tattooed, a big pieced that would symbolise how far I’ve come in the past few years and something that helps me grow to love my body because I’ve always struggled with self-confidence and body image.

Last July for my 20th birthday I took the plunge and started the process of getting my back tattooed. I thought I’d do a little blog post for anyone who’s interested about it as the main central piece of my back tattoo is finally complete. My tattoo blog posts seem to always go down well too.

Getting my back tattoo wasn’t something I rushed into and it definitely was something that came with a lot of thought and time. I of course asked my parents and brother about their opinions because they matter and I value them.  After all I knew I’d be spending a lot of time in the tattoo shop and a lot of money. Also I was 100% sure I wanted it cover most of my back so I didn’t book it without being sure.

When I booked my tattoo my tattoo artist already knew the kind of style of tattoos I liked so it was easy to be on the same wavelength but I did bring some references for certain aspects of different tattoos that I liked. For example leaves, shading and dot work. I’ve always loved the mandala style tattoos so the prospect of getting a massive piece on my back excited me greatly.

I’m completely in love with how it has turned out and I’m so glad I put complete faith in my tattoo artist, he killed it.

The first session on my birthday was four hours and the basic outline was done. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. I’ve heard stories about tattoos near your spine hurting quite a lot. I guess I’m just used to the pain now ha ha. The tattoo also had to cover an older tattoo I got for my 18th (flying birds from dandelion) that I think I grew out of and didn’t really like anymore. Again I trusted my artist in designing something hide it and cover it up. I honestly was so happy with how the tattoo looked just as the line work, it looked so good and I would of happily kept it like that.


The second session was two hours and half of the dot work and shading got done. Honestly this was so relaxing to get done and I think I nearly feel asleep during it. The tattoo began to take some real shape and I feel more and more in love with it. The healing process for the shading was quite irritating because it got so itchy.


The third session was three hours and the majority of the dotwork and shading got finished. Again this was quite relaxing but my arms went dead from the position I was laying in. I highly recommend taking a break half way through if you can, makes the whole process of tattooing so much easier, especially on big pieces.

Photo 22-12-2015, 11 10 59 p.m..png

The final session was 2 and half hours and the remainder of the shading got done. We also started work on the cover up part of my old tattoo and the additional parts of the tattoo that we decided to add to completely fill my back…go big or go home right? The new cover up part of my back tattoo was probably one of the most painful places I’ve got tattooed so far, the back of my neck and top of my back really does hurt. It also feels like really bad sunburn writing this blog post at the moment.


So far this tattoo has taken 11 hours or so, give or take. It’s something I’ve devoted a lot of time and money into so I would appreciate it if you keep your rude comments to yourself if you don’t like it, I really don’t need or want to hear them. You’ll just be wasting your time.

For any of you that are wondering the tattoo was done by Grant Martin at Diablo Ink in Ipswich, Suffolk. You can find his Instagram account here for updates on his work and means of contacting him for your tattooing needs. I highly recommend him for black and grey tattoos. I’ve going to him for the past 3 years. All the guys in Diablo are awesome and really put you at ease, I feel so comfortable when I got in there.

I really wanted to do a blog post on this specific tattoo piece I’m getting done because it’s such a big part of my life that I wanted to share with you all. I can’t wait to show you the fully completed back piece which will hopefully be in the next few months or at least year.

I hope you enjoyed this tattoo blog post today.

That’s your Friday dose of April.

Until Sunday,

adoseofapril x

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